TV Dance Competitions are Flawed

TV Dance Competitions are Flawed

Allow me first say that, I’m overly enthusiastic about the present day dance craze on TV! It’s amazing! From “Dancing with the Stars” and “World of Dance” to the (now canceled) “America’s Best Dance Crew“, Everyone is ultimately getting a glimpse of the incredible world of dance, how difficult we dancers train,  how passionate we become, and the enjoyment that comes from seeing dancers perform. however to me, there’s one flaw in those tv dance competitions and a sad aspect to all of this. Are we forgetting that Dance is an art form?

Dance is an expression. competition is an Opinion. art encourages creativity; competition perpetuates a winner vs. loser mentality. art embraces freedom of expression, competition enforces regulations and rules.

What are we saying to younger, gifted dancers/artists in the long run, if we reward only on who’s 1st place, and who’s no longer, who won, and who lost? I anticipate this sort of mentality and technique with regards to sporting events, however with regards to dance/art; I’ve got a tough time embracing this idea.

It’s a disgrace see such a lot of gifted dancers be eliminated, or lose in those competitions, while their talent-level, approach, and obvious passion for dance is so amazing. you may say, “stop, it’s all in good fun, competitions aren’t to be taken so critically”.

That might be true. I participated in dance competitions all the time as a kid and truly loved them. However, as a pro, when you’re taking days off from your job (that you could easily lose) to take part in an unpaid dance show on TV…and most likely walk away with absolutely nothing but “15 minutes of fame?” It’s not worth it.

Even though all of us love an awesome dance show, under all of it, are we no longer undermining the very component that art represents? An opportunity for a dancer to show his/her true self, their feelings, their creativity, and in a totally sincere way, without fear of judgment or critique. I mean, almost all artists do what they do, for the love of dance, not due to the fact they need approval from others or have the primary intention of impressing others.

Perhaps it’s simply me, however when I dance, it’s an expression of the innermost, private components of myself, my mind, my feelings, my history. My friends, by way of looking at me, with any luck, receives to experience some of that, or have some kind of physical response to the dance. whether or not it’s a warm feeling, laughter, remembrance of a painful time, being confused, sheer entertainment, sheer delight, or truly a release from the grind of ordinary existence. I’m not really trying to receive a score, on a scale of one to ten, nor am I interested in being judged against to the dancer across from to me. I’m truly expressing myself. It’s something to be experienced and revered. And in case you don’t get it or don’t like it, that’s ok. That doesn’t have an effect on the validity of my’s talent or creativity. That’s what makes it art. It simply is.

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