Dance Teachers are Difference Makers

Dance Teachers are Difference Makers

It never ceases to amaze me how regularly I pay attention a desperate plea from a dance studio proprietor, “I’ve been trying to find a talented, reliable, dance teacher, and I have had no luck! assist!” this is why my organization, Calvin Dance Inc., exists in the first region, and why a dance trainer staffing employer is the wave of the destiny. But, I digress…

If it’s so hard to find great instructors, it only makes sense that dance studio proprietors should be doing their exceptional to preserve their modern teachers, and show them that they’re preferred.

Just think, most dance teachers work more than 40 hours a week, have 2-3 jobs, are probably still performing, however, they are always forgotten and unappreciated by all their employers. Listen, apart from their hourly pay, they don’t get a good deal else as a way as perks: no fitness stipend, no retirement savings, no personal days, no holidays, and no end-of-the-year bonuses. They don’t bitch. Look, it’s a fact that they love what they do. However, a small display of appreciation can mean a lot. Hell, without them, there would be no dance studio! They assist you to gain and preserve your students, so why not recognize their expertise and dedication in a way this is valuable to them.

Don’t wait until the end of the 12 months recital to make a fashionable statement thanking the teachers. Indicate to them that you respect all of them all year long. Below are a few low-price options:

1) Write them a note or type them an e-Card.
2) Deliver them a gift card to iTunes,, American clothing, or Capezio.
3) Deliver their preferred dessert or food to your next class.
4) Buy them 2 film Passes or tickets to a Broadway or Off-Broadway production.
5) Create a Bulletin Board that highlights a particular instructor (periodically) with exciting information about that instructor and an area for college kids/parents to write pleasant remarks about that instructor.

Stay tuned for Calvin Dance Inc.’s “Dance instructor Appreciation Day” on May 1st, throughout Dance Week, the very same day we announce the winner of the “USA #1 Dance Studio Contest – 2018.”

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